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"As a veteran CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER practitioner, I am always looking for professionals to assist my clients in implementing their financial plan. Most of my clients typically need some type of insurance placed such as Life insurance, Disability insurance or Long Term Care insurance, and it is imperative to make sure we are placing clients in those products most suitable for their specific goals and needs. I have been working with Jack for over 8 years and have found him to be one of the most knowledgeable insurance professionals in the industry. I would highly recommend Jack to anyone needing the services of a true insurance expert."
‾ Alan McKnight, MBA, CFP, Atlanta, GA

"At the suggestion of my accountant, I contacted Jack Lenenberg to review my Northwestern Mutual life and disability policies. Jack quickly determined that the Northwestern underwriters were not doing me any favors (I use tobacco and have high cholesterol). 4 weeks later Jack actually secured me better coverage with Guardian and with John Hancock and I actually cut my premiums in half. Thanks Jack. You have a client for life."
‾ Mark Wallace, Attorney, Murrin & Wallace, Alpharetta, GA

"I discovered Jack Lenenberg while researching long term care insurance on Clark Howard's website. Jack was recommended as the long term care expert in Atlanta. Jack met with both my son and I and made long term care insurance so easy to understand. I had a prior meeting with another agent, and the difference was night and day. I also liked the fact that Jack's computer showed me the premium costs for every company. Jack was working for me, not for an insurance company."
‾ L.T., Dunwoody, GA

"As a Regional Vice President for Genworth long term care insurance, I oversee applications written by thousands of agents. For some magical reason, however, every request I receive for our underwriters to improve upon an offer seems to have Jack Lenenberg's name attached to it. Coincidence? I think not. Jack Lenenberg looks out for his client's best interest like no other agent I have ever seen. Every applicant should be so lucky to have Jack as their agent."
‾ Robert Burke, CLTC, Genworth LTC RVP, Hudson, WI

"My wife and I recently had a baby, and we knew it was time to get life insurance. All of the fellow attorneys in our practice have used Jack for their insurance needs, and highly recommended his services. What I liked most about Jack is that he listened to me. Also, he did not push one company over another. I am admittedly a little overweight. Jack showed me 3 companies that he thought would work for me, and we applied to all 3. Prudential actually gave me a Preferred rate and we went with Prudential. Most importantly, my wife and I are now protected should anything happen to me. Thanks for everything, Jack."
‾ Joseph H., Atlanta, GA

"My wife and I had applied for long term care insurance with another agent, but I was turned down due to heart disease. My attorney had worked with Jack Lenenberg, and suggested I contact Jack before I give up my search. Jack explained each company views health history differently. I just applied to the wrong company, and probably worked with an inexperienced agent. Well, Jack not only got me approved at normal rates, he also reviewed the life insurance coverage I owned, and improved it, as well. Jack is a true pro."
‾ B.H., Roswell, GA

"My husband and I needed disability and life insurance. We called our State Farm agent for quotes. When I mentioned to our State Farm agent, we wanted to go on the internet and "shop around," for life insurance, he referred us to Jack Lenenberg in Alpharetta for the comparison quotes.
Jack responded promptly to our quote request, and presented rates from a few dozen companies.  We appreciated the transparency and the thoroughness of his work."
‾ Mara T., Alpharetta, GA

"Jack was recommended to me by a family member. I found that his access to many different insurance companies allowed him to offer the best prices I could find on the market. The personal service is also something you will not receive from a big insurance company. I am very pleased with the prices and the service I received from Jack Lenenberg, and I would highly recommend Jack Lenenberg to anyone looking for insurance."
‾ Gerry Hunter, Cumming, GA.

"There are a few people in life that are important to have: a good attorney; a good doctor; a guy in the diamond business; and an insurance guy.  Jack is my insurance guy.  He's definitely the go-to insurance guy in Atlanta, no doubt." Irwin Cohen, Atlanta, GA

Who you choose to work with to obtain your insurance makes a huge difference. The two key reasons to work with Balanced Insurance Group are our experience and our independence.
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