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Long term care insurance helps provide liquidity to your family and control to you so your care is received with dignity in a setting of your choice: at home, in assisted living, or if need be, in a private facility.

Long term care is the type of care received if due to chronic health conditions such as a stroke or Parkinson's, or simply due to aging, you require help with activities of daily living (ADLs) such as bathing, dressing or toileting. Long term care also pays for care needed due to cognitive impairments such as Alzheimer's or dementia.
Many people mistakenly believe that Medicare or private health insurance pays for long term care. Unfortunately, long term care services are specifically excluded from Medicare and private health insurance. Medicaid will cover care if an individual is indigent; and then, Medicaid will only pay for care in a Medicaid nursing home.
Today, long term care costs are approximately $72,000/year on average. In some parts of the U.S., such as Boston or New York, long term care currently costs over $125,000/year. With health care inflation increasing annually by 4-5%, long term care is expected to average over $200,000/year by 2028. It does not take long to impact a retirement nest egg.

Long term care does not only impact the family financially, but also emotionally. Care giving is a compassionate act done out of concern and love for family. However, many factors such as distance, work, and time may make it difficult for family members to help loved ones needing care.

Long term care insurance helps you from having to rely upon your family for care giving or for financial assistance. For married couples, long term care insurance is especially important because it protects the retirement nest egg for the healthy spouse.
Long term care insurance policies are extremely flexible and can be custom tailored according to your needs. Because individual circumstances vary with respect to liquid assets and income, benefits desired by you may differ greatly from benefits desired by your neighbor.
The owner, Jack Lenenberg, is recognized nationally as a specialist in long term care insurance. In 2008 and 2009, Jack Lenenberg received the long term care insurance sales achievement award by the American Association for Long Term Care Insurance (AALTCI) for being the #1 long term care insurance producer in Georgia, and ranked in the top 34 long term care insurance producers in the entire United States.

Jack Lenenberg is partnered with the leading long term care insurance underwriters: John Hancock, Genworth, Guardian, Mass Mutual, Prudential, Mutual of Omaha, Lincoln, Berkshire, Transamerica, Medamerica, LifeSecure, Assurity, State Life, and others.

With long term care insurance, the underwriting guidelines and the pricing varies widely by company. One company's decline is another company's approval. Most  long term care agents may only work with 2-3 companies, and do not truly possess the flexibility to work in your best interest.

Balanced Insurance Group has the experience and the actual independence to provide you with the best solutions for your long term care needs.

Contact Jack Lenenberg today at 770-753-3939 for a free no-obligation quote.
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