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Life insurance is a critical component of a sound financial plan for your family-or for your business. It provides needed protection in the event of premature death. For personal needs, having sufficient coverage assures that your family can maintain their lifestyle in the event of your death.

For business needs, life insurance can be used for a number of reasons. It may fund a buy-sell agreement to transfer ownership of the business at death or it may provide liquidity to replace a key employee. For estate planning needs, life insurance can provide estate liquidity and maximize wealth transfer.
There are many types of policies-term and permanent. Single life and joint survivorship. Choosing the right policy requires sound advice. Balanced Insurance Group is here to help. We get to know you, and understand your needs and goals. We can help you sort through your options so you can make the right choices.
For personal needs, it can help to:
        Protect your family's home and livelihood
        Replace your income
        Pay off your debts for your survivors

For business needs, it can help to:
        Fund a business succession plan
        Replace a key employee

For estate planning needs, it can help to:
        Provide liquidity to cover estate taxes
        Maximize an efficient transfer of wealth to future generations
Because everyone has different needs, no single type of life insurance is right for everyone. If you want life insurance for a specified period of time-long enough to cover your responsibilities to those who depend on you for financial support, but not longer, than term life may be right for you. If you desire coverage for a lifetime- to provide estate liquidity, or to transfer wealth to future generations, some type of permanent coverage may be right for you.

The two types: Term vs. Permanent

Term Insurance
        Provide coverage for a specified period of time: typically 10, 15, 20 or 30 years
        Level guaranteed premium
        Affordable way to get maximum coverage
        No cash value
        Addresses temporary needs

Permanent Life
        Protection for your whole life, or on the life of a married couple
        Offers flexibility in paying premiums
        Builds cash value
        Addresses permanent needs such as estate liquidity or wealth transfer to future generations
Working with Balanced Insurance Group, getting life insurance is easy. With one exam, we use our resources to search at least 50 different life insurance companies to find the best price for any type of life insurance policy you need. Not only do we find the best price, we get the best price. How do we do this? Often times, Balanced Insurance Group will submit multiple applications upfront for our clients allowing them to accept the best offer only after underwriting is complete. This multiple application process allows our clients to obtain significant negotiating leverage with the insurance companies. This means more competitive solutions and better choices for you, our client.
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