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At Balanced Insurance Group, clients are our top priority, and we expect our carriers to respect and honor that philosophy. Because we want our clients to receive the most cost-effective and appropriate products at all times, we have relationships with over 50 of the leading insurance companies. Moreover, we have invaluable credibility and negotiating history with each of these entities.

These relationships with our carriers give our clients the benefit of multiple offers, which in turn can increase value while decreasing price. Every insurance company has a different way of assessing risk. While a certain medical condition may be of concern to one company, it may not be for another. Negotiation among the most competitive and highly-rated companies for each client's unique situation frequently results in the most favourable underwriting offers.

At Balanced Insurance Group, we have thoroughly reviewed and tested each of the leading insurance and financial companies from which we seek insurance products. We carefully and consistently evaluate each carrier's products and perform due diligence on the carrier by evaluating it on its size and strength, product portfolio, and reputation in the industry. By creating this competitive market where the insurance companies bid for our clients' business, we ensure that clients receive optimal products and rates combined with our personal attention and care.

Just a few of the many carriers with which we do business include:

        American General
        AXA Equitable
        Banner Life
        Blue Cross and Blue Shield
        John Hancock
        Lincoln Benefits
        Lincoln Financial
  Mass Mutual
  Met Life
  Mutual of Omaha
  Pacific Life
  State Life
  Sun Life
  Union Central
  United of Omaha
  West Coast
  Western Reserve
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