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Fixed Annuities are guaranteed income payments for life.
Your number is the amount of annual income you will need in retirement, after taking any pension income and social security income into account.
Fixed Annuities can help.
Simply put, a fixed annuity is a guaranteed stream of income payments. It may last your lifetime, like a pension, or a set number of years. Payments may be structured to start immediately, or payments may commence at a future point in time.

People are living longer today. This means more savings is needed for a secure retirement. If you are concerned about outliving your money then a fixed annuity that provides guaranteed income for life is worth considering as a part of your retirement planning.
Annuitization factors vary widely by company. For the exact same premium deposit, different companies will guarantee different amounts of lifetime income. To minimize the premium deposit necessary to achieve your desired guaranteed income stream, it is important to work with an independent agency that can produce the best offer for you. Balanced Insurance Group is partnered with over 50 of the largest life insurance companies in the United States. We ensure that you will achieve the most competitive payout. Please contact Balanced Insurance Group today at 770-753-3939 for an annuity quote.
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